The Gateway to civilizations: Researchers make incredible discovery that could shed light onto ancient civilizations

The newly discovered tomb could provide archaeologists with important details that could help them unravel the mysteries, of the M [...]

WordCamp Berlin 2015, “Ich Bin Ein WordPresser”

With the exception of earthquakes, wildfires, and other forms of natural disasters, there isn’t much that makes me get up at 7 a.m. on [...]

A Giant Discovery That Overshadows the Pyramids of Giza: Long-Lost Pyramids Confirmed in Egypt

The Long Lost Ancient Egyptian Pyramids that overshadow the Pyramids at the Giza Plateau seem to be a reality. These so-called lost Pyr [...]

The Nazca Lines: Ancient Vimana Runways

What if, in the distant past, the Nazca lines were used as runways for the Ancient Vimana? Ever since the Nazca lines and their intricate fi [...]

American Airlines passenger takes photos of ‘UFO’ giving off bright lights and orbs near Area 51

An American Airlines passenger flying from San Jose to Houston captured what appears to be the image of a flying saucer that landed and was [...]

Ancient Flight Plans: Connecting Ancient Monuments Across The Planet

Is there even a slight possibility that ancient mankind learned a way to harness free energy? Energy that they used to achieve amazing  [...]

Archaeological sensation in Spain: The first Spanish Pyramid discovered

An amateur archeologist by the name of Manuel Abril believes he has discovered a pyramid in the Cuenca region of Spain. It seems that t [...]

‘The History Of WordPress,’ The Story (So Far)

Maybe the WordPress origin story isn’t as legendary or contentious as Mark Zuckerberg’s. And maybe won’t be made into a mo [...]

Scientists have spotted a giant Hole in the South Pole of Ceres: A doorway to an alien world?

It seems that the mysterious dwarf planet Ceres has gotten a lot more mysterious. Ceres, one of the most enigmatic (dwarf) planets of our so [...]

NASA and the enigma of the of 8000 year old Swastika

NASA scientists are trying to decipher the enigma of over 260 geoglyphs located in Kazakhstan, and among them is the unmistakable Swastika. [...]
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